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The primary business activity is wholesale and import-export of school, office, gift and advertising material.

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Harry Trade, as one of the leading companies in the region with more than 7,000 various items from world-famous manufacturers, enables its customers to meet their every request for goods within the agreed deadline.

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Striving to increase service quality and expansion offers, to better meet customer needs, Hari Trade 2015 its expands the range with advertising accessories, gift program and printing service.


By improving its business, the company Hari Trade launched its Indigo brand in 2018,
which today has over 200 products in its range.

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We were originally engaged in the wholesale of school and office supplies. The focus of the company was very simple, offering the highest quality material at the lowest possible prices, accompanied by an extraordinary level of service. Today, we can proudly say that that focus has not changed.

Harry Trade, as one of the leading companies in the region with more than 7,000 various items from world-famous manufacturers, enables its customers to meet their every request for goods within the agreed deadline.


The main activity of our printing house is to provide commercial printing services with the aim of helping our clients in their advertising and promotional efforts. Our printing house is proud of its long-term cooperation in a framework that successfully assists in finding the right printing solution for its customers.

In the catalog of the Hari Trade printing house, you can find different types of advertising material, business gifts as well as textile items suitable for printing. All you have to do is select a product from our catalog and send us the items you want to be printed. We will send you a proposal for the layout of the printed product and after your approval do the printing.

We are sure that you will find exactly what you need in our wide catalog offer, and we will print everything you want on the desired item and thus create a unique advertising product or business gift for you.


Our products

We improve our services every day so that we are always one step ahead of the competition.

Office inventory

Surely your company needs a certain amount of office supplies. We are a company that deals with the supply of complete office supplies. We are fully committed to cooperation with our clients, regardless of their size and scope of business, with the permanent improvement of the quality of the service we provide.
Maintaining and updating the list of purchased and used inventory will facilitate and enable comfortable work for you and your colleagues. We are here to provide you with an insight into the lists of previous purchases, but most importantly, that the office supplies are delivered within the agreed time.
In our range you can find a wide selection of office supplies from well-known brands

As the new school year approaches, but also throughout the year, the purchase of school supplies is a concern for many parents. They are thinking about where to get quality school supplies for their student. Parents also take care of what the child needs, because as the child grows up, the needs are greater and the list is longer.

School supplies are everything that children primarily need for unhindered school attendance. In our range you can find a wide selection of backpacks, pens, ballpoint pens, felt-tip pens, watercolors, erasers, cutters, notebooks, rulers and other supplies for your little ones.

School program

Promotional material

The development of digital advertising has greatly changed the way of promotion for a large number of companies. However, according to some research, traditional printed promotional material still occupies a high place in the promotion of products and services. There are many situations in which tangible marketing materials can help companies effectively communicate news about their products and services to their customer base. So, finding the right printed marketing material can help you provide basic information to potential customers and clients.

Marketing materials are items that companies use to share messages about their offer to a potential customer. It can range from digital marketing tools to physical signs. As for printed marketing material, these items include tangible materials that can be easily distributed to consumers, such as business cards and brochures.

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Today, the global board game industry is a successful segment of the industry, entertainment and digital economy. It is estimated that over 750 million people around the world play board games, which is a relaxing and real form of entertainment.

By beautifying numerous childhoods and putting a smile on their faces, board games were and remain a favorite form of entertainment for the youngest, but also for the slightly older ones who kept the child inside. In addition to gathering the family around the table and making friends, they also develop a number of useful qualities in children that help them grow, develop and socialize. Some of these traits are assertiveness, empathy, cooperation and acceptance. With all the listed benefits that social games bring, the goal of the game remains one, the only and irreplaceable, and that is, above all, good fun.

We all know that children learn best through fun, and board games offer just that! In our catalog, we have singled out some board games for toddlers. Take a look and find fun for you and your child.

Board games

Decorative material

Decorative items are one of the important elements that enrich the space with the help of which the interior gets a special note.
In our range, you can find a really large selection of decorations, ornaments, and perhaps the perfect gifts for a loved one.
All that remains is to choose one of the decorative products according to your needs that will fit into your home.

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